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Excellence or Brilliance?

There is a difference.

An Excellent Executive: A Brilliant Executive:
· Leads · Serves
· Is efficient · Does his maximum
· Is accomplishing · Reaches ideals
· Is polite and appropriate · Is gracious and warm
· Makes a good impression · Makes an impact
· Solves problems · Creates new possibilities
· Keeps the peace · Sets higher standards
· Manages conflict · Elevates the culture
· Supports teamwork · Inspires and supports teamwork
· Is professional · Is professional and empathetic
· Follows the book · Dares to improve beyond the book
· Examines his mistakes · Examines what he did and did not do
· Gives respect to those who deserve it · Is consistently respectful
· Lives with repeated excellence · Always self-corrects and polishes
· Demands excellence · Gives it first and demands it second
· Expresses what he expects · Demonstrates what he offers
· Questions reactions · Questions actions that provoke reactions
· Informs · Communicates

Brilliance Inspires!

In the last 10 years I have periodically contracted Ms. Monahan on a one-to-one basis as a personal consultant and teacher.

Marta's contribution is one of the most influential in my life, and I have embraced her pursuit of brilliance in my own work and lectures.

She definitely helped me to expand my thinking, which has forever improved my career and personal life.

I appreciate the effect it has had on those around me as well.

The Marta Monahan seminar conducted at my company, Barbara Barry Incorporated, has had a great impact on the attitude of my employees.

My staff raised the quality of their efforts on a continuous and consistent basis.

They expanded their ability to express themselves, and developed passion tor their commitment and careers.

I recognize the thinking behind many of my solutions in my work as emanating from the same influence.

I now solve problems in a very elevated manner and I get the highest possible results without damage to anyone.

It is my opinion that you and your company will greatly benefit from her work.

Marta Monahan teaches bold concepts, that once accepted, create growth and opportunity long atter her seminar.

Sincerely Yours,
Barbara Barry
Barbara Barry Incorporated

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