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A Calm Day begins with a Calm Night

Our concerns

These are turbulent times, and while there may be little we can do about the economy, there is something we can do for ourselves that is of great importance—we can learn to stop the mind, calm ourselves, and, in so doing, contribute calm to the collective energy we all share.

You are your essence

One hundred thousand thoughts go through our minds in a day, latching on to our desires, fears, emotions, and the needs of our egos, including the thought that we will not survive without our desires unless we satisfy our cravings. Buddhists liken the over-active mind to chattering monkeys—clamoring non-stop, demanding and consuming our attention like hungry, insatiable beasts. But your mind is not you, anymore than your ego is you.

Your mind is your tool, meant to serve you, not run you. Stop the mind from tormenting you; treat it as your hired help, and give it orders, for when we stop the mind, the ego loses power, and our fears subside.

We sleep for approximately one-third of our lifetime, so let us start there.

Create your environment

Appreciate your all: the pretty things of your day, your home, the person that invented the bed (the best invention yet!), your loved ones, anything you can be grateful for. Gratitude is love, a very high frequency to be in. Make your bed the most desirable place for you. Perhaps you'd want to rub a cotton ball with your favorite lotion on your pillow or sheets. Be comfortable and include that little pillow to add to your pleasure and relief. Pamper yourself and do the things you might do to make someone else happy, for yourself.

Tune your body to the Universe

If possible, avoid eating after sunset. The body changes function with the rays of the sun, after sundown the body shifts to recuperation, rejuvenation and healing. Eating forces it instead into digestion. A bath before bed helps relaxation.

Direct your mind

Gratitude connects with your heart and essence and puts you in a receptive state. Instruct your body to rest, to recuperate, and to heal itself so that you can be your best tomorrow. Program your mind to wake up happy and intelligent.

Anxiety will interrupt your sleep, and wake you at wee hours, and the suffering can keep you awake the rest of the night. There is no benefit from this. It is in sleep that the body rests, recovers, and heals, bringing clarity to your mind. With clarity you can seize the positive thoughts to make the best decisions for you.

When you are kept awake by such nagging thoughts, put all your concerns in the hands of God, the Universe, and let them go; we cannot control what is imminent. You will continue to be you. You will live. Remember that there are no guarantees in life, that we will live what we must, and that gold must go through fire to become pure.

Live your day consciously

Improve five small things during the day. This will make you feel that you have moved forward and know that you have lived that day. The past has time, the future will take its time, but the present has only now, today. This day is all we can count on; we build from day to day.

Taking action

If possible, do one of the following during the day:
• Put your concerns in the hands of God
To calm your mind, imagine the open hands of God, of the Universe, and place your worries in them. See the hands close over your little packages as you let go of them. Order your mind to provide you with an intelligent and happy day tomorrow.

• Perform a breathing exercise
Breathe in through the nose to the count of four, hold it for another count of four, and exhale through the mouth for a third count of four. Do this three times and then breathe normally, extending your feelings to your surroundings.

• Meditate
Meditation is a simple method to stay balanced, and balance is vital. Sit quietly in a chair and feel your feet getting very heavy, letting their weight rest firmly on the floor. Then, feel your legs also getting very heavy and and let their weight fall.

Progressively, move your focus up to your knees, your thighs, your pelvic box with all the organs inside, your chest with its organs, your back, your neck, your arms, your hands, and feel them getting very heavy, one area at a time, until you reach your head. Be very quiet and stay there for a few minutes listening to your breathing.

If you like, you may then focus on those things which bring you pleasure, but it is not necessary. The practice of turning your wandering thoughts away from nagging concerns and instead directing them with intent is enough. When you are ready to a normal state of awareness, do so gently, counting down from ten to one. Breathe gently and do not open your eyes until you feel ready to do so.

• Connect with Nature
Walking in nature is also meditation. Get close to nature when you can. Offer your energy to the trees and let them return their energy to you until you feel at one with Nature. Walk while you do this, and do so for as long as you wish.

You may also try simply to sit: be very quiet and become one with Nature as you focus on doing nothing but breathing in and out.

Your Life is how you live

We are creating our life each moment we live. We have a great capacity for adaptation. Your essence is who you are, and when you learn to make your choices from where it resides—your heart and your being—then your intelligence will guide you.

When we worry, our only gain is more worry, so, instead, let calm be your reward—your being, being you—the result of quieting your mind to still the chattering monkeys, allowing your inner you to preside.

After being introduced to Marta Monahan's unique approach to personal development in 1990, I have reaped rewards both personally and professionally.

Techniques that provide a superior foundation for growth and excellence are taught by Ms. Monahan.

I have contracted with her company for personal development and corporate culture projects.

Our ability to establish quality customer relationships, loyalty and productive personnel resources stem from the application of tools and practices learned in the courses Ms. Monahan provides.

Her value based processes have been used to elevate our corporate culture, improve management styles and effectiveness, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Managing, developing and inspiring our primary resource, personnel has given our business a competitive edge and minimized costs of employee turnover.

This environment of consistent and collaborative efforts towards excellence is an organic part of the business and is a product of the methods taught by Ms. Monahan.

A delightful and polished facilitator and instructor, Ms. Monahan has my highest recommendation for individuals and organizations that strive towards excellence.

Rhana Pytell,
Gaia Day Spa

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