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I can show you how to move beyond excellence
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Balance your intellect and spirit with practical tools and techniques to acquire more harmony, clarity, congruence, and self-trust. Experience rapid daily growth as your new choices move you further ahead in one year than in the past ten. Understand and choose the motivations behind your actions, recognize the root of self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, and eradicate it. Learn how to shift your perspective, to access more of your intelligence, to raise your performance, to move from excellence to brilliance.

Individual classes

Private Courses
  • One-on-one interaction allows Marta to focus on your specific needs. Popular with corporate executives, these classes are also suitable for individuals with unique time constraints or privacy concerns.
  • Course length is tailored to each individual; each class is typically a three-hour session.
  • Classes by phone also available for students out of town or outside of the U.S.

Group classes

Brilliance Workshop
  • A group course for those who benefit from shared participation, Brilliance Workshops are a fun way to move forward in a healthy and supportive environment. Every situation has a solution, and this workshop can lead you to closure.
  • Five three-hour sessions, once a week (total 15 hours)
  • First session at no cost for one time guests; otherwise cost is included in a full course
  • Private consultation included

Corporate Seminars

  Passion, Power, and Profit Seminar
  • Custom designed seminars to solve corporate issues
  • Elevate employee interaction with each other and the public.
  • Two-hour sessions (duration eight weeks)
  • Private consultation included


  • Local and International
  • Men and Women
This is an updated report of our results in the ten months since we began working together. We have accomplished the following:

· There is now an attitude of respect for Art, as the boss and owner; there is also respect for one another among all of our staff.

· We tripled production and profits.

· We organized the working schedules and prepared charts to establish minimum standards and goals for production and quality.

· We're far better at selecting our personnel. This saves time and money. There is much less stress. Turn-over is down.

· There is very little socializing during the day except on breaks and less supervision is required.

· New people that we hire now need to fit themselves into the established efficient pace of working.

· We are now able to let people go in a friendly way who don't fit into the working environment before there is a problem, rather than as a reaction to a problem.

We are looking forward to our next meeting, and to planning our next step.

Art and Nancy Galindo
Noble House Bonsai Nursery

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