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I can show you how to move beyond excellence
to develop a life of brilliance!

The Courage To Be Brilliant: How five acts of improvement a day will make you shine.

The Courage To Be Brilliant:
How five acts of improvement a day
will make you shine

10th Anniversary Special Edition

available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Have you ever believed that you can do more, be more, or have more? Do you see flashes of your lost brilliance in the accomplishments of others? Are you hiding your truth simply to keep the peace?

If so, Independent Publisher award-winning The Courage To Be Brilliant is just for you.

Marta Monahan, one of the country's leading voices on personal achievement, shares her secrets for avoiding the dullness that comes from settling for less. Her Five Acts of Improvement for eliminating mediocrity begin working the moment you try them.

You will also discover...

• What holds you back from your ideals and clouds your purpose
• The Three Levels of Thought and how they affect your actions
• How to develop your unique Five Acts of Improvement to alter the course of your life
• Why radical changes never work
• What to do if you cannot envision a life of brilliance

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Previously titled "Strength of Character and Grace: Develop the Courage to Be Brilliant"

Marta Monahan's The Courage to Be Brilliant tells you how, you too, can have the courage to take hold of your life, break out of mediocrity, and reach out to be the very best you can be, brilliant, through her 'Five Acts of Improvement a Day'. Everyone should read her book and apply her 'Five Acts of Improvement' so they too can be brilliant and shine.

Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

If you are tired of mediocrity and want to break out, this book is for you. Marta Monahan shows you how to shine!

Nelkane Benton,
KABC Radio

Marta has brought forth a learner's manual for self empowerment. The Courage To Be Brilliant is a step by step guide that gently teaches a new way of being - through love. I highly recommend this wonderful self improvement and life changing tool.

ElanthRa Maitreya

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Your Bouquet Of Beautiful Things - Giving The Gift Of You

Your Bouquet Of Beautiful Things:
Giving The Gift Of You

available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Your Bouquet of Beautiful Things combines memoir, tested principles, and story-telling to create a spirit-changing 27-day program that will help you develop the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Together, they represent the bouquet of beautiful things in each soul, and are how we measure the meaning of our life.

In this book, Marta shares the wisdom of a lifetime in which she has been blessed with more wonderful experiences than she could hope for—along with losses and betrayals she never saw coming—to let you know you are the gift of life, and your greatest moments will come from giving the gift of you.

Your Bouquet Of Beautiful Things is arranged for maximum appeal, containing stories that are laugh-out-loud funny and heart-wrenching. Each chapter will nourish the soul and document the success of her teachings. A follow-up to her Independent Publisher award-winning debut, The Courage to be Brilliant, this new book debuted at #8 on the Amazon Self Help list, and features a foreword by design superstar Barbara Barry, and personal stories from philanthropist Valerie Sobel and internationally renowned artist Ashley Collins.

Click here to read the first two chapters - FREE!

Marta Monahan's Your Bouquet of Beautiful Things inspires and motivates me. I enjoy her passionate writings as much as two of my all-time favorites, Man's Search for Meaning by Vilztor Frankl and The Road Less Traveled by Scott Pect.

Donna Schuller,
Crystal Cathedral

There is a Buddhist saying that all know the way, but few actually walk it. I was the exception to that rule. I did not have the way until Marta Monahan showed it to me. Her lessons have made me wiser, and I have found a contentment I lost many years ago. I believe everyone will benefit significantly from her teachings.

Harry A. Glassman, M.D.

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