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I can show you how to move beyond excellence
to develop a life of brilliance!

Reverend Michael Beckwith

A Charming Interview

The Sounds of Transformation
with host Michael Beckwith

Spend a delightful hour with Marta as she is interviewed by Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith, host of The Sounds of Transformation, a radio program dedicated to recognizing the deep potential within everyone, to inspire, uplift and transform the planet.

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The Courage To Be Brilliant: Hiw five acts of improvement a day will make you shine.

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Your Bouquet Of Beautiful Things: Giving the gift of you

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About Marta 

Marta Monahan is an acclaimed leader in personal development and international etiquette, assisting individuals and organizations worldwide attain their greatest potential and to shine in all their endeavors.

She has authored the 2008 Amazon Self Help Top Ten Your Bouquet of Beautiful Things: Giving the Gift of You, and the prestigious Independent Publisher award-winning The Courage To Be Brilliant: How Five Acts Of Improvement A Day Will Make You Shine.

A past keynote speaker for The Economist Magazine Leadership Forum in Singapore, her clients include leaders in business, politics and entertainment all over the globe. Past corporate clients include executives from NBC Studios, New Line Cinema, The Walt Disney Company, Century 21, Farmers Insurance, and Barbara Barry Home.

Los Angeles-based Marta Monahan is available for speaking engagements and exclusive corporate and individual program development.

I hired Marta Monahan as my advisor and I have continued to greatly benefit both personally and professionally from all she has taught me.

In our time together, I leamed much about structuring time, gaining confidence, handling adversity, and above all, striving for excellence.

She has a wide breadth of knowledge that she's able to communicate by relating your specific situation to both personal and well-known success stories.

Her advice has been very helpful as we have recently started our own company and launched several products with much gratification and success.

I think any company looking to reach its highest potential would find Marta Monahan's guidance of tremendous value.

Rita Sever, VP
Garri Productions

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